Without experiencing the culinary offerings of the destination, no trip is truly complete.
Enjoy a relaxing and quiet time in a cozy space where you can enjoy the deliciousness rooted in the area and remembering special travel memories that you remember with the taste.

Buffet Restaurant

Ryukyu cuisine is made mainly on pigs so that it is said to be "beginning with pigs". From internal organs to ears, feet, and blood are used as cooking ingredients, so there is no place to eat. Pork-based dishes have been developed as a dish that welcomes messengers from China. In addition to eating raw, tofu used in various dishes, such as champloo and gifts, is also unique to Okinawa.

The Lounge - Evening Social | Grand Mercure Okinawa Cape Zanpa Resort


Enjoy a special moment away from it all in a luxurious setting.
Sit back with a drink in hand, and enjoy a special moment to yourself to let all the wonders of travel soak in.
Enjoy soft drinks like coffee, tea, and infused water, or treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage such as wine or beer.

The Lounge - Night Cap Grand Mercure Okinawa Cape Zanpa Resort


End the day with a moment of sophistication in the bar lounge.
Take your time to relax in a comfortable space, letting the memories of your travels soak in.
Talk over your adventures with your loved ones and friends over plates of local specialties or with a drink in hand.